Ruth Dagan Yakin

Has lived in the Netherlands since 1980.
From 1980-1985 studied at the Rietveld Academie of Fine Arts, gaining her B.A degree in 1985 for textile design.
Since than, she has held several exhibitions in the Netherlands.
Over the past ten years, she has concentrated on her interest in oil paintings and graphics.

1. Paintings of Anat Shamgar, Dancer.
“The emphasis was the concentration in the movement. I was interested in compositions where it is possible to see the whole body, filling the painting. The surrounding area is mostly vague, because the focus is on the internal facet, Anat’s expression.”
2. In the linoleum and woodcuts as well as the drawings I worked through drawings which I made after writing about my dreams. They are mostly in monochrome, in black and white, where black functions as a color and not just as a contour.
3. Megilat Ruth ( The Biblical “Book of Ruth”) is comprised of 12 linoleum cuts which were printed on fabric in different colors. The illustrations include many references to the commentaries and Midrash, which have been written about the book. These prints measure 120 cm x 120 cm.
4. Monotypes are single prints which use mixed printing techniques, mostly with a human being as subject.
5. There are portraits in the series of oil paintings, and some paintings that are based on dream pictures, as well as pictures showing landscapes where all kind of non-existent features create a composition which draws in the eye of the viewer, to circle around and keep finding small, new – and almost comic - details.
6. "Kani" is an imaginary name for a series of oil paintings which depicts the dark side of human beings. It refers, literally, to the interior “side” and functions as allegory about scientific new techniques which can be positive – such as extending life, or negative, such as organs exploitation. It refers to the change of the hypothetic "I", and other interesting ethical questions.